Ecommerce Admin Panel Features

Ecommerce Admin Panel helps you to Manage everything on your Ecommerce Store

Use a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments anywhere you go. Gain the insights and knowledge you need to grow.

Ecommerce Admin Panel Features

Orders and Fulfilling

Tracking and Managing your all your Orders are easier than ever. You can Check a Order or Manage Multiple Orders at Once.

Order Summary gives you better insights of your orders like Ordered Product Details, Customer Details and Payment information. 

Ordered Product Detail

You Receive a Summary of the Product ordered by your Customers with Multiple Product Name, Quantity, price, Taxes, Total Amount, Inventory, SKU etc...

Customer Details 

Customer Summary shows your Customers Name, Shipping and Billing Address,  Email and Mobile Number. Customers can Create an Account to automate future transactions 

Payment and Fulfilment 

You Can view the Payment Details with your preferred payment methods and know have you received the payment or the payment is pending.

You Can easily fulfil the orders with partnered couriers by adding the tracking numbers or ship on your own

Create Draft Orders 

Create Draft orders directly from your Ecommerce Admin Panel. Manually Create Customers Orders with they're Requirements and Send an email orders to customers to Order it and process the payment.

Abandoned checkouts

Track Abandoned Checkouts using your Admin Panel. As a Customers Creates and orders and leaves without Completing the order. you Can view the Customers Details to Reach them to complete their orders.


Add Unlimited Products 

With Ecommerce Admin Panel, You Can Add Unlimited Products with Ease. Enter Product Titles, Descriptions, Images, Prices, SKU, Inventory, Shipping Information, variants, Product Type, Brand / Vendor, Collections, Tags and SEO Title  and SEO Meta Description. 

You can hire Infinity Webpro Team to add Additional Products your ecommerce Store with Expert Knowledge.

Track Inventory 

Track Product Inventory one at a Time or Manage Multiple Products at once. Help your Customers to book the products which are ready to ship.

Manage Products 

Managing Products is very easy and faster with ecommerce Admin Dashboard. Adding, Deleting and Editing everything about your Products anytime.

Organise with Collections

Organising Products are Easy with Collection. Collection are Grouping your Products to a Specific Category or a Brand. Collection gives more Flexibility to Manage your Products and keep it organised.

Gift Cards

Sell Gift Cards to your Customers with our Ecommerce Dashboard. It Helps Corporate or Gifting Option to your Customers. Gift Cards are a Value Purchased by a Customers as Credit to redeem it in the future Transactions


Ecommerce Admin Dashboard has a built-in CRM Customers Relationship Management. Manage all your Customers at one place.

Create Customers Account invite from your Admin Panel, to help your customers to login manage there address and order history.


Ecommerce Admin Dashboard have a built-in analytics that help you keep track of your website’s progress over time. Benchmarking your online store’s performance helps you make the right choices that will lead to more sales.

Detailed statistics include:

  • How your customers found you and what country they are in

  • What URLs are referring to your online store

  • What search terms were used to find you

  • Tracks the number of visits, including by page hits and unique visitors

Also Read our Detailed Analytics Blog to know more


Ecommerce Admin Panel have a Built-in Marketing to Create Ads for Google Smart Shopping and Facebook Marketing. 

Google Smart Shopping 
Take the guesswork out of marketing with built-in tools that help you create, execute, and analyze campaigns on Google. Promote your products
Create online marketing campaigns so the right people see your store—no experience needed. Make it easy for shoppers to discover and buy your products with a Google Smart Shopping campaign in Infinity Webpro. 

Facebook Marketing
Create, manage, and track your Facebook ad campaign—without leaving Dashboard. Facebook attract billions of engaged users every day. Your ideal customers are already on these platforms, so we’re making it even easier to reach them.

Also Read Helpful Article on Facebook Marketing

Discount Codes

Offering discounts can be a powerful marketing strategy for your Online store. To offer discounts, you can create discount codes, set up automatic discounts, or set sale prices for individual products. Read more about Discount Codes

We’ve got you covered

All Infinity Webpro Plans Includes with Free advanced ecommerce Admin Panel to Manage everything on your Ecommerce Store
Think of Infinity Webpro as your very own IT department, with free, unlimited hosting, top-of-the-line security, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, and around-the-clock support. Get personalised support from our Customer Care Team via Email or live chat, or join a live webinar. Reach out any time — we’re here for you.

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