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Company History

late janab G.M.Obedullah Sahib Studied school till 6th. At Age  10year he join family business of  Korai mat that first traditionally handloom weaving. He Start hardworking and Spread Marketing Korai Mat Product in Different part of India 

In 1947 late janab G.M.OBEDULLAH Sahib Started Korai Grass Mat Business In the name Of Obedullah Chataiwala. He the Person Market and Launch Korai Mats Product in Mumbai , Gujarat, and many Part of India. After some year he Start Trading Coconut brooms stick and Coconut Naar also 

His Grand son K.Naseer Ahmed born in year 1981. After that  Company name is NASEER MAT INDUSTRIES. Now we are Famous Manufacturer and Exporters of Korai Mats in the name of Naseer mat Industries. Now we have market in Middle East and Africa .

In 2008 late janab OBEDULLAH Sahib Second Grand Son K.THOUSIF Join  with Obedullah Sahib business and  Expand Business as well .In year 2009 he  Started to Export Korai Mat product in Middle East and Africa . 

late janab OBEDULLAH SAHIB Expired in 2015.After  his Dead Mr.Thousif handle the Business 

In 2020 we Started new Company in the name of Manahil export


Our Prestigious Clientele are people from all walks of life. Rich and poor with no caste and color barrier. Neither consideration of religion nor barred from a border line of a country. Every home in India adorn our Quality Mats Products. Eastern countries love to spread our Mats on their surfaces. Western countries, adorn their rooms with Super Fine Quality Mats. Portable rolls are carried along with as a best resting piece during picnics.

Korai Mats use at -

Mosques, Temples, Churches use our Mats. Spread over any surface to rest comfortably.

Open Schools, Ashrams, Madarasas uses our Mats for their pleasant and comfortable sitting.

Parties of any kind - private or political, on any occasion - Marriage or any other celebration, everyone uses Korai Mats.

Brooms: Brooms are making with fine Grass and there no dust

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